Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Inspiring the next generation of scientists

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is so much more than a home for dinosaur bones. Sure, you’ll always remember the Alamosaurus once you see its skeleton there, but the institution has much broader goals than simply preserving pieces of our planet’s history. 

Its mission is to help grow the next generation of scientists, the ones who will seek the unknown. For the last six years, our mission has been to discover new ways of making that happen.

Making a big bang

How do you build a digital experience to reflect something that doesn’t yet exist?

Our relationship with the museum is prehistoric itself, dating back to A.D. 2012  – before the building was fully constructed. Our first job was to build awareness for the institution – a merger of the Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place and the Dallas Children’s Museum.

It was prepared to launch with 11 exhibits. The new building, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Thom Mayne, was considered the 12th exhibit. We wanted the new website to be Exhibit No. 13, and we found just the right formula to make it so.

The impact we had

  • A fun, interactive site that drove excitement for the museum before its doors opened. Among the inspired touches: Easter eggs that educated visitors on the current phase of the moon, geolocation and Newton’s laws.
  • A platform designed to accommodate high demand for ticket sales; the museum sold out every weekend for months after its opening in December 2012.
  • Counsel and development of branding and content as well as membership, ticketing and digital display solutions.

Delivering a better ticketing experience

Once the museum opened, we studied site usage and consumer data to deliver a better customer experience. We attacked the flow of the ticket-buying process and made changes that followed the evolution of how customers experienced a day at the Perot.

The impact we had

  • Data-driven changes to ticketing flow and membership sales, reducing friction and improving the customer journey.
  • From 2015 to 2016, the improvements led to a 107 percent lift in capture rates for the museum’s theater and an 81 percent lift in capture rates for traveling exhibits.

Putting performance under the microscope

In April 2018, we launched a redesign of the site. Our goals were to simplify the user experience even further, to turn more site visitors into museum visitors and to increase organic traffic to the site.

By reducing the number of choices potential customers faced and creating a simple one-button path to ticket purchasing, we’ve seen early indicators of success, including quarterly and year-over-year increases in traffic and a bump in general admission and special exhibition sales in the first 90 days after the launch.

Like the scientists and explorers the museum celebrates, we’re always studying and testing our results to discover new processes and innovative solutions. That drive stems largely from our way of doing business, and also from the museum’s mission itself.

It made our partnership a perfect match.

Screenshots of the Perot website on various devices.

We create experiences, so experience it for yourself.