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UT Southwestern

The largest employer in Dallas and one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country needed a make-over for both their internal and external audiences.

Experience for Yourself

How do you create an online presence that serves the need of over a hundred departments and divisions, three hospitals and a university?

Attracting the brightest minds in Medical Science.

For a university that has generated five Nobel Prize winners we worked to create a website that attract the next five, the bar could be no lower. We used a “site-within-a site” strategy for each department to have a strong brand presence for engaging the best minds.

12,000 pages!?!?!

When you have a site that must cover all the bases for an institution as dynamic and cutting edge as UT Southwestern, you end up with a whole lot of web pages. Lifeblue worked hand-in-hand with the UTSW team to sift through and organize over 12,000 pages of content with a strategic site architecture and content strategy.

Centralize and unify…

One of the tasks was to clearly separate content for prospective students and medical staff/faculty from the day-to-day operation content of the University. To accomplish this Lifeblue and UT Southwestern created a working methodology that consolidated the content management procedures into a single process, thus unifying all of the various departments and organizations within the university under one system.


  • Doubled Patient Care call volume overnight.
  • The website ranked highest differentiating factor in graduate school enrollment.

Heart IQ

Learn how we teamed with UT Southwestern to create one of the first true integrated campaigns in the institution’s history.

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