Our Version of the “Easy Button”

Intuit QuickBooks Training

Lifeblue was presented with the opportunity to take a dynamic and diverse product line into a simple purchasing solution.

Experience for Yourself

How do you make something more complicated than booking an airline ticket, easy and enjoyable?

Simplify the user experience.

Created an architecture that guides customers, with subtle qualifying tasks, through a very extensive product offering.

Streamlined operations.

Customized and extended Magento e-commerce platform to reduce operational overhead and streamline business processes.

A unique approach to demonstrate value.

Proving that the page fold does not matter, we created a content strategy to communicate everything the customer needs to know on one page.


  • Extended product line to include On Demand training
  • Increased Conversion rate
  • Set record daily sales numbers

They know the web, they understand marketing and fully grasped what we were trying to do.

David O’Brien, CEO of Intuit QuickBooks Training