We plant the seed

(and tend the garden)

One year of experience at Lifeblue is like 10 years anywhere else. We invest in our teammates’ growth and development, and we make sure they feel valued.

Team members having a discussion at a Lifeblue lunch and learn event

Just ask our employees

  • When I joined Lifeblue it looked like a company I could help shape. Now I know it's a company that encourages and needs me to shape it.
  • Constant improvement is the name of the game, everyone is 10x better at what they do and more than when they first started. I've seen it over and over again. Everyone also smells really good.
  • Did you know I'm wearing socks and sandals at the office Right Now? I've given every opportunity and reason for these people to ostracize me, and still their loveliness persists.
  • If I wanted, I could dress like a viking from Skyrim. Lifeblue wouldn't even bat an eye, in fact they would likely hand out mead horns to everyone.

Benefits look good in blue

You'll make a difference in the world, and you'll also make a salary. But there are other perks to working here, too.

  • A healthy professional development budget

  • A constantly collaborative environment

  • Competitive compensation and benefits

  • Generous parental leave policy

  • Work with clients who are doing good in the world

  • A culture that fosters growth

  • Flexible scheduling, meaning no set "work hours"

  • No limiting "vacation policy"

  • Video games, office music, group events, and great sense of camaraderie

Immediate openings

Sr. Front-End Developer Lead

We need your CSS

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Team Experience Producer

Teamwork makes the dream work

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We're always keeping an eye out for

Interactive Art Director

Things aren't always #000000 and #FFFFFF

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PHP Developer

Put your code where your mouth is

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