TurnStyle: The ticketing tool you need to welcome visitors back safely when you reopen

Social distancing has created a more distant society.

The businesses that have thrived since COVID-19 hit home answered health fears head-on: grocers that installed sneeze guards, retailers that adopted touch-free payment methods, even drive-in theaters that allowed people to safely go to the movies again.

As customers, we feel the need to take control of our own safety in public. As businesses, this is how we need to empower our customers.

What if you could plan an outing to your favorite cultural institution and be guaranteed the experience would be safer?

  • No crowds: Choose your specific entry time and check out when you leave so the crowd never gets too big.
  • No touching: Use a bar code on your phone for access – including admission, parking fees and exhibit entry – so you don’t have to handle or exchange tickets.
  • No wandering: Plan your experience with expert help so that your itinerary guides you safely from start to finish.

We’ve built our business on helping cultural institutions grow their audience and their impact, and we’re ready right now to help you welcome your customers back.

TurnStyle includes immediate solutions for controlled entrance times and exit counting, contactless entry and purchase bundling to enable a safer itinerary. It helps your visitors breathe easier so they can make the most of their time with you.

As an added bonus, it gives you a window into how your customers interact with your business so that you can provide a safer experience today – and a more meaningful experience in the future.

Want to talk about how TurnStyle can help you welcome your customers back? Let us know!


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