From the CEO: Introducing TurnStyle, the Tool We Built to Help the World Reopen

Two business truths are revealing themselves as we navigate this pandemic. 

1. Necessity breeds invention.
2. Crisis accelerates change. 

Case in point: Our newly formed product team pivoted swiftly in the last two months to re-imagine our custom ticketing software and launched TurnStyle, a platform that helps arts and cultural institutions reopen more safely by giving them more control over traffic flow and the overall guest experience.

When the Dallas Zoo put tickets on sale to the public today for its reopening, it became the first organization to use TurnStyle, relying on our platform for timed entry, touchless ticketing and other public safety-driven features.

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You may hear the words “agile development” thrown around as a description of how coders build projects with quick collaboration, rapid releases and continuous iterations. Our team, led by Derek Odell, has delivered a masterful example of this concept – and as we serve more partners in the arts and cultural space, their work is only just beginning.

We believe museums, zoos, theaters and other cultural centers are vital to society, and it’s our mission to help them adapt and evolve. That's why we spent so much time listening to our partners, trying to understand the unique challenges the pandemic brought them.

And it’s also why we’re offering TurnStyle for free through the end of the summer in order to help arts and culture organizations get back to the important work they do to benefit us all.

In a time when the pessimist might worry about the rise of crisis capitalism, we aspire to act in a way that shows we balance purpose with profit. We believe in conscious capitalism, and when we see it in action, we know another truth will reveal itself during this crisis:

Business can – and should – be a force for good.


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