From the CEO: How Strong Is the Fabric of Your Business?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our partners at Perennials Fabrics and Rugs – and not just because I’m so proud of our team’s work that went into launching their beautiful new site this month.

One of the things we learned about what sets Perennials apart is that their fabric is made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic fiber, which carries its beautiful color from the inside out. (Think of how a carrot looks when you cut it open, rather than how a radish looks on the inside.)

The quality that sets Perennials’ products apart on the outside literally comes from the inside.

That’s how our work is built, too. Inside our walls, we collaborate and challenge one another so that what shows in the digital space reflects the best of our combined abilities. We deliver the sum that’s greater than the whole of our parts.

When we started the Perennials project, we turned to art director Bryan Schmidt to take the lead. Since joining our team last year, Bryan has worked on design teams tackling major projects like the Dallas Zoo and Heifer International, but this was a new kind of challenge: designing a site for one of the most revered brands in the design world.

Lifeblue staffer Bryan Schmidt working on his laptop

His talents and his attention to detail set the tone for the project, to be sure, but Bryan’s strength also comes from knowing when to share his vision, when to rely on testing and when to open himself up to feedback from colleagues and partners.

Bryan pinpointed specific challenges and brought them to our Demo Days, where we routinely gather to share projects with one another and look for ways to improve them together. The work that came out of those sessions yielded product pages that are exceptionally easy for end users to navigate.

In a previous message, I wrote about how our best coding happens with collaboration; you had to take my word for it because it all happens on the back end. This time around, you can see the results of our collaboration for yourself when you visit

It’s a beautiful site, inside and out.

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