Answer these 5 questions to help us build the future

by Nicki

As you wrestle with the impact of COVID-19, are you thinking about how to rebuild and maintain your relationships with your customers? Or are you more focused on trying to bring back the transactions you’ve lost?
We’re inspired by the way some of our fellow Certified B Corporations are using business as a force for good during this crisis – and we believe your insight can help us do the same. To steal a line from the B Corps community:

You are not alone.

We developed these five questions to help us listen to your unique challenges so that we can build the future together in a more meaningful way. We truly hope you’ll take the time to click here and answer them.

  1. What decision have you made since this crisis started that you wish you could do over again?
  2. What innovation have you made in this new world that you are most proud of?
  3. If you could go back in time, what changes would you make to your operations to prepare for 2020?
  4. If your customers continue to stay home when you open fully again, how will you change in order to serve them?
  5. Think about the customers you’re most in danger of losing. What do you think you could offer to maintain the relationship?

Thank you for sharing your answers with us. We're excited to help you make an impact on your world – and on the future.

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