From the CEO: Making an Impact, One Line of Code at a Time

If you don’t mind, I’d like to brag about one of our team members.

As our lead back-end developer, Jordan Savant pilots the technology that makes the sites we build so exceptional. It’s critical work that isn’t always in the spotlight. 
Our partners at – a platform that connects volunteers with opportunities – had a growing need to better serve school districts that were trying to coordinate with parent volunteers. The solution called for a system that could react and scale with demand.

Image of Jordan Savant at work
Jordan Savant, Lifeblue's lead back-end developer

It was no small feat, but Jordan’s innate ability to develop solutions, coupled with his thoughtful leadership, enabled us to revolutionize the site’s back-end functionality so we could build a flexible system that can trust.

Coding is often thought of as lonely work, but when it’s at its best, it’s a collaborative endeavor.

Jordan’s leadership fits that style as well, bringing out the best in those around him. Doing business that way also aligns with the mission of – to harness people’s potential to serve the greater good. 
As 2020 quickly approaches, we eagerly await another rewarding year, working together with you to help you and your business make a bigger impact. From the Lifeblue family to yours, happy holidays! 

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