From the CEO: How Accessible Is Your Website?

We believe the web should be for everyone.

That’s why we’re proud to share that we’ve built one of the most accessible websites in the restaurant industry.

With our work on the Boston’s Pizza site, we were intentional about building a digital experience that did not leave any user behind. No matter how users interact with the site – whether they have a permanent disability or even just a temporary physical challenge, like having one arm in a sling – it’s a seamless experience that’s free of pain points.


Years ago, before companies were regularly facing legal challenges over their sites' compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lifeblue made accessibility a priority. We believe our recent work with Boston’s Pizza has helped us establish ourselves as a leader in the space.

Our own J.D. Busch gave a talk at the Big Design conference last week in Dallas, illustrating our commitment to inclusive design, which goes beyond just accessibility requirements and pushes us to be considerate and empathetic in our work.

We’re grateful to work with partners who share our vision, and we are excited about helping you make an impact on the widest audience possible through our work together.

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