The Spotify Playlist That Sounds Like Lifeblue (Kind Of)

With everyone sharing their 2018 Spotify stats all over the Internets today, we decided to build our own signature playlist.

Be warned: It will give you whiplash. Like, if you’re one of those people at parties who claims to like all kinds of music, we will put that to the test.

That’s because it’s really a compilation of our colleagues’ individual top three Spotify songs from the year. We put Kendrick Lamar and the Beach Boys in there. Some of us are country as heck, and others of us need some thrashing metal to help us slay code all day. One of us even tried to blame the Pokemon theme on his kids using his account.

And if you’re interested in the music that some of us listen to when we’re going for a theme or a mood, read on.

Travis Self, front-end developer

hypnagogic idm: I often gravitate to instrumental music with a beat while I’m coding as it helps me focus. But heavier techno music is sometimes too distracting for me. “Intelligent Dance Music” or IDM is used to describe more subdued, ambient electronic music that still has a beat but is a bit more passive. “Hypnagogic pop” is a term used to describe music that uses audio recording technology from the past (particularly the 80s) to draw on cultural memory and nostalgia.

Chill: Once upon a time I had a music blog, and I did a weekly post called “Electric Saturdays”. It was a mix of downtempo, trip-hop, “chillwave,” synthwave, etc. Basically anything that would fall under “electronica.” Most of those songs found their way onto this playlist. It’s mostly instrumental, excellent background music for concentration. I recommend putting it on shuffle.

Arianna Pulliam, client experience producer:

Beast mode: A playlist that feeds the inner beast! I like to listen to this exclusively in my noise-canceling headphones because not only does it make me feel like I can conquer the world, it's intense enough for me to tune out the rest of the world. Don't be afraid, there's also some high-energy pop songs that give the beast a break and usually results in a bounce and a head-bob.

End of day: My go-to playlist when I need a little _umph_ to wrap up all of the random things I've started throughout the day. This one keeps me motivated to get to the finish line with a little pep in my step.

Inspiration-y: This is usually what I start the day with; it's mellow but has some interesting use of non-instrumental sounds. I feel like it gives me a glimpse into what's going on outside of the office even when I've been staring at my monitor for hours on end.

Jonny Pacheco, front-end developer:

Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals: It’s wonderful to develop to. It mixes the pop hits of the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s we all love to sing to but to a relentless beat that makes for a good focus rhythm.

“Cheer Up” playlist: There's nothing special about this playlist other than it's a collection of songs guaranteed to put me into a good mood. It's updated bit by bit, and it serves as the perfect playlist for when I'm down or frustrated.

Miami 80’s: f I need to do some heavy writing, lyrics -- as well as conversations surrounding me -- become too distracting. Full, upbeat music to drown out the conversations but keep me focused and energized.

Tyler Walker, front-end developer:

Mellow Bars: If I am in a chill mood. Also great when the work is repetitive because I listen more to the music.

Best of Live Worship: Great for when I want a pick-me-up or just uplifting vibes. Also for times when I have availability to really listen to lyrics.

This is Turnpike Troubadours: It's country. And the good kind, none of that radio pop-country. That's all I have to say about that.

Will Pry, director of marketing and content:

Home’s Resonance: If I’m up against deadline with a long to-do list, I will hit up the 10-hour (!) loop of this song and narrow my focus. I’ve gone about three hours deep before needing a break, and it helps my projects when I need the boost. (Side note: Here is an interesting explainer of the nostalgia you may feel when listening to this song.)

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