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Podcasts are something we take quite seriously here at Lifeblue, in case you didn’t know. We’re always recommending them to each other, and using them to share knowledge and experiences amongst our staff. We recently realized how selfish it was for us to keep all of this fun to ourselves, so we decided we’d start a series where we recommend some of our favorites to you! Whether they help keep us up to date on industry trends, dig deep into historical archives and expand our knowledge, or just make sure we understand what the cool kids are saying these days, here are a few of our staff’s favorites that we encourage you to check out.

1. 99% Invisible

This one is a staff-wide favorite. Apart from Roman Mars’ soothing voice (you can’t not love the way he says “beautiful nerds”), this podcast is packed with all kinds of interesting history and anecdotes on design that touches our everyday lives in sometimes very unexpected ways. If you’re into any aspect of design at all, or are just a curious person who enjoys learning new things, this is definitely a podcast worth your time. For us, it “opens up [our] brain, and allows [us] to think of design outside the web, which inspired our work on the web in more ways than you could imagine,” says JD, one of our designer-turned-TXPs. You can start with one of our favorite recent episodes here. Recommended by: Caitlin, JD, Mandy, Jonny

2. Coaching for Leaders

At Lifeblue, we take a pretty egalitarian approach to leadership and believe in fostering every team member’s leadership capability. We truly believe that we all bring something unique to the table, and that we can all learn something (or multiple things) for each other. In that very spirit, we’re always trying to improve the ways that we communicate and act as leaders on our teams. One of our Interactive Producers, Chris, recommends this podcast for resources to stay up to date with your leadership skills. Recommended by: Chris

3. Reply All

Because we enjoy all things nerdy and web related, many of us also listen to Reply All. We related to some episodes better than others, but with their “Yes, Yes, No” segment, even the least nerdy of us learn something new every episode. If you sometimes read things on the internet that you don’t even know where to begin to understand the inside joke, this podcast is for you. It brings tech & web together with a large dash of humanity, with the added bonus of PJ Vogt’s laugh to keep you coming back for more. Recommended by: Mandy, JD, Caitlin

4. Shop Talk Show

Recommended by one of our most senior devs, as well as one of our more junior ones, this podcast brings experts to the table in an engaging and entertaining way to discuss a solid variety of topics that are relevant and beneficial for every developer. They bring in regular guests, and even host a page for Front End Dev job postings. Recommended by: Jonny, Nicole

What podcasts are you listening to? Let us know here or find us on Twitter @lifeblue and send us your recommendations! 

*Featured Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash