Lifeblue Runs for Health & Charity

As Lifeblue continues to grow, we’re constantly iterating to find better ways to serve our employees and meet their needs. This past spring, one of our employees with a penchant for fitness expressed interest in and helped us get started with an official Health and Wellness (or as we internally call it, the “Hellness”) program. So far this has included a weekly yoga class offering, a nutrition class, walking phone calls, meetings, and more as we learn what provides the most value for our employees. Once we started it, a few of us got really into it--we even hosted a “Charity Miles” competition, forming a team on the Charity Miles app to see who could walk/run/bike the most miles to win a prize. Each mile logged earns some money for your charity of choice in the app, with a grand prize of a Lifeblue donation to another charity of the winner’s choice (featured in-app or not). Anthony Alcala creamed us all, bringing it home with a total of 102 miles for the month, and opting to give his $100 donation to, a local makerspace where he volunteers. 

Back End Developer Anthony holding the prize check for his charity.
Anthony came in first place, racking up 102 miles for the month.

Fast forward to a few months later, when we began our work with the Dallas Arboretum. Having just recently launched Hellness, we decided to see if we could rally a few of our fitness enthusiasts to take up the challenge of running their Tour Des Fleurs quarter or half marathon, which is the Arboretum's biggest annual fundraiser. Only Anthony (our Charity Miles winner) was brave enough to run the full half marathon--the rest of us running decided that 6.55 miles, or the quarter marathon, was just fine for us.

The day of the race brought with it temperatures in the 70s, but humidity in the 90s. This was no setback for Anthony, as he raced around the lake and achieved his goal of running it in under 2 hours. Although many of us (mainly Caitlin) would blame her slower-than-desired mile time on the humidity that morning, we rallied and even ran back across the finish line with our final participant. Follow that with an after party which included beer, tacos, sunshine and a great cover band, and it’s safe to say that we’ll be back next year (hopefully with more training and better finish times). We’re already gearing up to run the next one, which will probably be the Run The Mill 5k next door to our office. We’ll see how many more faces we can convince to join our ranks.  

Group photo of the Lifeblue team post-race.
Sweaty, tired, and triumphant.

As for our can check us all out running Tyler in at the finish line at about 00:50 below...enjoy!