In the coming weeks, Lifeblue is partnering with local organizers to host CodeDay Dallas at our offices here in McKinney, TX on February 17th-18th, 2018. If you’re not familiar with the event, CodeDay’s website states that it’s “a worldwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours.” It’s designed to be a place where any teenager, regardless of skill level, can come and meet others with their same interests and work to build or improve a skill set.

Mess Wright, STEM Programs Development at Techie Factory, organizes CodeDay quarterly with the support of different organizations and volunteers across DFW. “We look for adults who don’t have any ego at stake; the adults are in service to the kids at this event, and we’re only here to help make sure they’re supervised, fed, and can learn as much as possible and have the best experience in these 24 hours,” she mentioned.

She recommends newcomers bring some sort of laptop or tablet device to be able to code or work on, a sleeping bag, and a open mind to make the most of the weekend. There are workshops that are designed to help beginners get exposure to different aspects of technology and industry, such as DevOps, coding, or design. Mess insists that the environment of CodeDay is “laid back, [and] not intense--there’s no snobbery around what you know or don’t know.” She mentioned one student who came to their last event quite shy and intimidated, and left having made several new friends and taught herself some basic audio engineering for her group’s computer game project.

Lifeblue will be sponsoring some food & drinks, providing the space, and sending all of the attendees home with some swag (if there’s no swag, it didn’t happen, right?). To learn more, you can visit CodeDay’s website and view the schedule for the weekend. Experienced or not, your kids will walk away with new friends, skills, and probably a new t-shirt and some leftover pizza. What are you waiting for? Register here. Interested in mentoring or hosting a workshop? Reach out to