Insider's Perspective: A Career Change For The Better

by Nicole

I think it’s fair to say that working at Lifeblue has changed my life for the better. Before life at the #, I was falling into a black hole of corporate misery…drowning in the rat race while people clamor over each others’ shoulders to reach the top. I was sacrificing time with my family to convince some higher upper that I had “what it takes.” Just when I was losing that spark of life and excitement of discovery that web development has given me since my early teens, I decided to set out to find the job of my dreams. After looking into countless opportunities, Lifeblue filled my dark, corner cubicle with light like a beautiful, shining unicorn galloping on a rainbow bridge silhouetted by dazzling sunshine. This was it -- this was my dream job. 

The interview process was extensive and exciting. I had never worked so long on a project for an interview before and around 2am the night before, I was hoping it would be worth it. “Worth it” is the understatement of the century…these people were obviously more than just coworkers. They were a family. This wasn’t a place where you’re expected to be sitting on your butt cranking out projects for your boss to show off to his boss. It’s a place where people come together to create amazing products that far exceed the client’s expectations. It’s a place of discovery and encouragement. Not gonna lie, I cried (happy tears) when I got the job. 

My first week was spent traveling back and forth to the Dallas Morning News offices for their first Hack Week. The whole Lifeblue team came together to create new features and improvements for the site and I was so impressed how much of an impact such a small team could have on one of the leading news reporting sites in America. It was evident that the DMN crew adores the #ers and we made great strides with the website in the 5 days we were there.

A few short weeks later, I jumped on a plane to the great city of Boston to soak up the seemingly infinite knowledge of some of the greatest minds in web development. An Event Apart has been one of the highlights of my Lifeblue experience thus far. We got to learn about the power of SVGs, CSS animation, grids and a lot more. I got pretty lucky during the conference and won an entire set of the A Book Apart series. Look out world, I’m learning all the web things!

Now ten months after my adoption day, I can’t believe these people have accepted me as one of their own. I thought I was a proficient developer, but here, I’m toward the bottom of the totem pole. I’ve learned so many new things and the most wonderful part about facing these daily challenges is the support. No one hesitates to sit with you and explain a better way to code something. Everyones’ voice is heard, we celebrate the victories together, come together in the hard times, and constantly work to improve on our skill sets. We have game nights and coffee runs and I get to wear jeans every day. I feel trusted and respected and my desire for learning has been renewed! How did I get so lucky? Here’s to many more months to come!