Six Months At Lifeblue and Counting

by Brittany

When I first found out about Lifeblue, I knew that it was the place I was meant to be. Although, I was terrified that I wasn’t experienced enough, old enough or smart enough to work with people that were clearly the best of the best, (I was kind of right, but that’s changing) I decided to give it my best shot.


And so it begins...

I had my first phone interview and I felt pretty good about it. The conversation flowed and I seemed to know what I was talking about. I told my soon-to-be husband that I had never been more excited about any opportunity ever and that I would be absolutely crushed if I didn’t land this job. A bit dramatic, I know, but hey! I wanted to be a part of this. I didn’t hear anything back for over a month... Coincidentally, I was off getting married that month, so I was slightly preoccupied anyway. Five weeks later, I finally got a call back and so continued the rest of the interviews. The ones that everyone talks about. The interviews where they tell you that should you end up here, you will feel like you’re failing and if you don’t, you’re not doing it right. After multiple interviews in one week, I wrapped up the week with a team interview. In a team interview at Lifeblue, you sit in a room with about 15 people and the floor is totally open. They can ask you anything they want and you can ask them anything in return. During mine, there were some silly questions like “If you had to pick between watching the new Hunger Games or the new Star Wars movie, which would you choose?” or “What is your favorite kind of plant and why?" But then there were hard ones like “What is your favorite failure?” My WHAT?! I didn’t even know how to answer that question on the spot. I’m not sure anyone did to be honest, but somehow I was able to circle back around and and give an answer by the end of the interview.  When I left that day, I instantly called my husband and said “Babe! It went SO well. I knocked it out of the park!” In retrospect, I wasn’t the one that knocked it out of the park, the lovely humans of Lifeblue, were the ones that actually killed it. 


Life on a Rollercoaster

When Russel called to offer me the job, he said something like “Hey Brittany, we’d love to extend an offer to you, by the way, we’re all going to Heifer International in Arkansas next week for the entire week, do you want to come?” Uhh…yes? 

So off I went. A few days in the office and then a week-long trip with 17 people I didn’t know and I have to say, it was worth every moment of uncertainty. To be fair, my biggest concern was whether or not I would have to share a room with a bunch of girls that wouldn't like me, but that wasn’t the case. I easily adapted to the wide array of quirks and personalities and knew that I had found my new family. Mainly because they didn’t judge me when I ate my weight in m&m’s that week. Really though, it was apparent that they were all invested in this company, our client and each other and that's something I can get behind. The trip was a perfect kickoff for my start with Lifeblue and I came back to Dallas even more excited to be a part of this company. Oh and then 2 weeks later I found out we were moving offices from one end of the city to the other, so there’s that. Life is always changing at Lifeblue and I really can’t imagine it any other way.

Now that you know exactly how I got here, let me tell you about my first 6 months at Lifeblue. Just kidding, I’ll keep it short. It’s actually pretty easy to sum up. My first 6 months have been a total rollercoaster. Honestly, every week is a rollercoaster. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, successes and failures, laughter and tears. Just kidding, I haven’t cried...yet. I get to work with the best of the best every single day. Seriously, they are all so talented in so many different ways and every single person is willing to go beyond the mark to help you learn, grow and succeed. I am consistently pushed to learn more, try new things and to strive to do the best work possible even when it’s outside of my wheelhouse. I get to sing along to the best music with my deskmates almost every day. I have been part of growing a support team within the company, which we like to refer to as “nova.” We're still figuring out how we fit into the day-to-day flow at Lifeblue, but I think we’re doing alright. It’s been a wild ride and all I know so far is I don’t ever want to get off. 


Climbing Mountains

Honestly, I just can’t believe it has already been 6 months. I have learned so much in my time here and I can see just how much more I still have to learn. I look at the world a little differently than I did before Lifeblue. Yes, I’m judging your website. There are some pretty big mountains ahead of me, but I’m ready to climb. Here’s to the next 6! I hope I continue to grow each day and become not only a better designer, but a better person because of my time here. Maybe I’ll even become a better blog writer.

Brittany Kurth, Pixel Vixen and other things