Insider's Perspective: My First Month At Lifeblue

by Jean

Several months ago I fell in love with an idea. A scarrrrry idea. Having led a fairly successful career path as an experiential graphic designer in the architecture and design industry, I decided it was time to turn my world upside down by moving into digital. Then somehow, some way, I managed to land my new dream job at my new dream company, and I had to pinch myself as I realized sh*t was about to get real.

The Adjustment Period

I expected the transition of coming from a global, corporate environment to a small, local firm to be a bit of a shock to my system. I’d be remiss to say it hasn’t been an adjustment, but it’s been different in ways than I ever expected. One of the biggest surprises has been that behaviors around taking risks, innovating and learning are not only encouraged but are inherent to Lifeblue’s culture and approach. People actually talk about their successes and embrace their failures as opportunities to grow, sharing with everyone each week so that we can all celebrate and learn together.

While it has been quite an adjustment coming from an industry where I was more or less an expert in my field to being the least knowledgeable member of a team, it has been incredibly humbling just how accepting and gracious everyone has been. They even go out of their way to explain the incredibly complex things they do in terms I can understand, like large hand gestures and pictures. I know I’ve thrown some pretty ridiculous questions out there too, so it’s a wonder no one has run screaming in the other direction.

Post-Its and Picks
My favorite first week moment was when Trevor crashed our strategy session to play his guitar and clear his mind.

Other adjustments are much harder to describe, but they’re equally incredible. I have yet to encounter anyone who was good at just one thing. Diverse doesn’t begin to describe the group, but moreover, everyone seems to pitch in wherever they’re needed regardless of their role. It’s taking me a little longer to fully realize it’s okay to wear flip flops in the office, rest over the weekend, and go outside to get some fresh air when I’m stuck on a problem, but somehow I’m coping.


Challenge Accepted.

This new career is already quite challenging, and I know the Lifeblue way will specifically push me even harder, but I couldn’t be more excited about the journey. So far this experience has been beyond amazing. A back-end developer just rollerbladed by my desk, closely followed by a front-end developer on a skateboard and an announcement that it’s time for coffee and cheesecake in the breakroom. Yeah, I could get used to this. Here’s to month two.

Jean Wallace, Trouble Maker and Producer at Lifeblue

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