Ending Poverty and Hunger One Line of Code at a Time

We did it! We completed #HeiferHackWeek 2015 and it was full of notable things.

For one, the warm welcome. Heifer International’s kindness and support during this week. We could not have succeeded without their team helping us the whole way. Big shoutouts the Kim, Mitchell, Mark, Harper, Christy, and Cindy who have worked alongside us this week. You’re awesome and we like you a whole bunch!

Of course, there was the food. Heifer had fed us exceptionally well this past week and we’ll all be full for a good week now that we’ve left. It takes a bit of effort to feed this crew and we so appreciate the effort on this one!

And most importantly, the work. This is the focus and highlight of the week and it didn’t disappoint. Our team rocked it with some fun new features and improvements this week.

So what exactly is the output of our labor this week? Some of our favorite Heifer.org accomplishments from last week (to launch soon) include:

  • Drastically improved site performance. We made a goal to speed up the site by 20% and we surpassed that goal by speeding the site up by 56%. Why is this a big deal? Every second counts when we’re trying to maximize the amount of funds generously being donated. For example, the Obama Campaign made their new platform 60% faster which resulted in a 14% increase in donation conversions. And this is why speed is an important feature...the faster the site, the more funds Heifer will have to change the world.

  • Mobile optimizations. What better way to guide a mobile user through their Heifer.org experience than to add some easy to find call to action buttons for them as soon as they enter the gift catalog? That’s just what we did. Give or donate an animal in a few quick clicks!

  • Holiday Projects. The cooler weather marks the start of the holiday season and the deployment of a few festive features and additions to the Heifer.org site. We have launched two new Peer to Peer fundraising campaigns: Faith Communities and Holiday Wish List. We will also be releasing an updated holiday page that highlights holiday giving.

  • Giving Tuesday. For Giving Tuesday this year, we're trying something different. We've set an ambitious goal: Raise $900,000 to send goats and chicks to farmers in Haiti, and until midnight tonight, every dollar will be matched. We’ve created a homepage takeover to alert visitors of the good news armed with countdown and an always visible goal monitor.

  • Interactive giving experiences. Learn more about what your gift will do and how it can help the community (along with other fun facts). Now you can interact with your giving experience by reading all the facts, collecting stars for each read, and get rewarded with a fun animation at the end (hint: bunnies, chicks, ducks, and bees are involved).

  • Facebook and Mobile Honor Card delivery methods. With each gift donated to Heifer, you have been able to send an honor card along with that donation. We’ve expanded the delivery methods of these honor cards to now include Facebook and Mobile Text Messages to reach your friends, family, and extended network even better!

Want to learn more about #HeiferHackWeek? Check our video below: