Lifeblue Hack Week - Day 1 from Lifeblue on Vimeo.

It’s my second week on the job here at Lifeblue. And I’m spending it in Little Rock for Hack Week.

Hi, my name is Mandy, and I’m the newest, most wide-eyed and overwhelmed member of the incredible Lifeblue team.

I’m watching my new co-workers build complicated things here at Heifer's international headquarters and soaking up as much information as I can about both Lifeblue and Heifer. It’s a unique opportunity to document what it’s like from the outside. I mean, inside. I mean, outside.

Everyone else came here with a pretty good understanding of who Heifer was and what they did, because Lifeblue has been working with them for three years. I basically came here knowing that you could buy a goat for someone in need through Heifer’s gift catalog, knowing that Lifeblue was taking me with them to Little Rock for something they were calling “Hack Week,” and that I would need to pack my laptop and probably some pants.

So my goal this week is to give you a tour of Lifeblue’s Hack Week at Heifer International. Which started with an actual tour of Heifer International. Take a look!