Lifeblue Agency | New Kid On The Block

While I am not the newest kid on the block, I am still a new kid on the block at Lifeblue.  My journey began not when I started work on my first day but when I first applied for the Office Manager position.  It will help if I explain where I have come from and why Lifeblue was a perfect fit for me.

The past 7 years I have spent in beautiful Australia.  A place where the animals are deadly and the sun will burn you in 2.2 seconds.  However, the people outweigh any dangerous creatures and the people are the main reason I didn’t think anyone would be able to pry me from this rustic place.  Little did I know at the end of 2012, I would be selling everything I owned to move back to Texas to be with my family.  This move can only be explained as a giant leap of faith. 

I had to adjust to the new lifestyle of the good ‘ole USA.  The fast-paced rat race was enough to make anyone dizzy, but I was determined to make it work.  I knew after the holidays were over I would have to start looking for a job.  However, a job is not exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to find a new family, a place where I can make a difference and be that person you could lean on to get through the stressful times any workplace can bring.  This is where my journey begins…

In late January, I responded to an ad that was looking for an office manager, but not just any office manager, “Someone to make their world a little more sane”.  Looking back now, I realize this is an impossible task, and I would never want to make this place a little saner.  Everyone has his or her own unique personality/insanity here but that’s what makes Lifeblue so special.  You can have anyone come in and push papers, implement policies, or organize an office – but they were looking for a perfect piece to their puzzle.

After looking at Lifeblue’s website and viewing their photos, I knew I wanted to be a part of this crazy culture.  Was it possible to find a little piece of the fun Australian mentality right here in Allen, Texas? Lifeblue is not just a place to set your bum down and take orders, but an environment that allows you to be creative and tell “your story”.  The energy this place seeps is vibrant and full of life; you can’t help but smile when you stop to think of all the different personalities that make up Lifeblue.

Finally, the day came to meet the team.  Wow, was I taken back by the charisma the team had!  I felt at home and very comfortable in my surroundings.  This “meet the team” arrangement was not a final interview, but a chat session with people whom I felt I have known for years.  I left knowing they had no option but to hire me, I was the long lost family member they had been searching for.

I always wanted to be the one that said, “I love my job”, and now I have achieved this. Lifeblue is not just a place to work but a new relationship that has blossomed and allowed me to grow as a person.  My favorite saying is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, and I knew this place would force me to get out of my comfort zone – it has.  It has opened up a side of me in which corporations try and suppress… called individuality and creativity.

Even though my first day consisted of running into a glass door and giving myself a black eye, I wouldn’t change a thing!  If you are working for Lifeblue and not learning new things then you are sitting in your comfort zone.  Any workplace has its challenges, but at Lifeblue you don’t have board members making all the decisions.  They like to involve the whole team when making decisions that could affect the dynamics of the company.  I like to think of this as glass management because you can see everything that is going on with the company…good or bad (Even if you run face first into it).  It’s refreshing to know that Lifeblue encourages everyone to think outside of the box, and it’s comforting knowing you have team members that are just as crazy as you are.

I am writing this blog as a new member of the # and smiling because I know I am exactly where I am meant to be.

If my telling you the story of how I became a part of the Lifeblue family interests you, please contact us and we’d love to meet a new potential family member!