MOM and POPcorn Company Named Top Site Of The Day - Lifeblue, Dallas, TX

lifeBLUE Media is proud to announce the MOM and POPcorn Company has been chose as Top Site Tally's Design of the Day!

Picked because of its unique design and retro feel, the MOM and POPcorn Website carries out the feeling of an old fashion candy shop. From the stamps, patches and paper textures, every font and image on the site furthers the MOM and POPcorn brand.

Each product page is set up to display the type of popcorn, gift box, gift tin and nostalgic candy in a unique way. Not only can visitors read about each piece of nostalgic candy, but they get a little bit of history. I'll bet you didn't know the history of Bazooka Bubble Gum.

The popcorn picker is also a very unique and fun part of the site. We created a quick, fun and easy way to search through over 45 flavors of popcorn without just scrolling down a page.

From the beginning, we knew this Website was going to be different. In the end, the Website furthers the "blast from the past" experience that the friendly store provides its customers every time.