PHP 5.4.0 Release

PHP, the server-side web programming language used by over 75% of websites, reached version 5.4.0 this week. It might not have caused quite the stir that the shiny new pretty from Cupertino did, but nonetheless its new features and performance improvements will be appreciated here at Lifeblue.

Pinterest, the design pattern to end all design patterns

Matt Monihan writes about the thumb grid pattern employed by Pinterest and similar sites in an evil bid to enslave the world.

YouTube and NBC will stream the entire 2012 Olympics

Gizmodo reports "For the first time ever, you'll be able to watch every single olympic event live. NBC has teamed up with YouTube to livestream more than 3000 hours of coverage from the London 2012 Olympics for free."

Dollar Shave Club

Chances are you've already seen this awesome ad for CNET has some insight from the new company's accellerator Peter Pham on the rapid brand growth made possible by social web mechanisms.

New Basecamp from 37signals Launches

"After a ton of very hard work, and lots of debates and decisions, we're thrilled to be able to share the all new Basecamp with you."