The $1B Acquisition I am pretty sure that Boobstagram was a close second choice for the Facebook $1b acquisition, but as we all know Instagram won out. If you can break away from the Boobstagram link (I know that will be difficult for some of you) check out the Instagram timeline info-graphic for further viewing pleasure.

Lost Cell Phones I lost my smart phone recently only to find out it was stolen and violated by some hooligan and to know that they could easily get cash for my phone made it all the worse. Well the government is now stepping up to help us find those lost phones in a world-wide effort to stop to those shenanigans. has created a nice info-graphic showing the world of lost cell phones.

FUN with Rebus Many of you are familiar with the LoneStar Beer Bottle Cap decoder game (you must be over 21) but this new app The Rebus Show on iTunes is great fun as well. It was actually released LAST week but anyway...

Law and Order You can all relax a little bit…clicking 'agree' to the "Terms of Service" legalese you never read does not make you the anarchist you thought it did.

Spotify Appified Spotify is rocking out the apps for the big boy brands…and it actually sounds pretty cool.