This week we saw one of the web's all time favorite holidays. Of course, April Fools Day, who said nerds don't have a sense of humor. Like always, Google was busy for the holiday, giving us Real-World Sightings and the newest way to multitask. However my favorite was the 8-bit blast from the past where Google paid tribute to early video game developers.

What some might have thought was an April Fools joke in fact is real and has the world wondering. Project Glass announces augmented reality glasses and Sergey Brin is already spotted wearing them.

At the same time buzz surronded the new Art of Video Games exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, check out the trailer.

And if you thought office Helicopters were cool, think again, I vote flying DeLorean instead. True it didn't happen this week, but how could I miss the opportunity to call out Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Looks like the replica is from the 2nd movie since it has the Mr. Fusion, no plutonium needed.

In the I wish it was April Fools but is not category, Facebook rolled out their new Timeline in their attempt to help everyone story-ify their life. (A much cooler way to storify in case you haven't seen it.) The world of shifting founders extends to Pinterest and the SEC takes aim at Groupon.

In other random thoughts:

Who says you can't be responsive and use parralax scrolling, Beyonce launches her pictoral blog, Hillary goes Viral, and more people still read their ebooks on a desktop.

Just to throw a little entertainment our way, if you weren't psyched by last week's Anchorman 2 announcement, this week Dumb & Dumber 2 was confirmed.

Last but not least, the moment we all waited for, Titanic 3D hit theaters.