Or should this be "This Week in GOOGLE Tech"?

Google's annual developer's conference was this week and big announcements among others are the Nexus 7 Tablet and Android Jelly Bean -- Here are some cool pics from the event. Is it just me or does that Android bot look like it has a pill cabinet dumped inside of it?

Lot's of questions as well as to what is going on with Google chief Larry Page...bad timing to lose your voice!

A lucky few daredevils had the chance to check out the coveted Google glasses--If you have $1,500, get in line with your order as they will be available for mass consumption sometime in 2013. 

And finally, Google Chrome is giving some MacBook Air users a bit a headache. 

Can it be??? An iTunes Overhaul?

Apple had to have something to announce this week of course...and this announcement is a long time coming. Apple is reportedly working on a big update to the iTunes media software and it is expected to release before end of year. Waiting with bated breath.

Your Code in Space!

Check out ArduSat, a satellite that you can rent time on for as low as $325 for 3 days. What a deal!

And speaking of space, of course that leads right into Sci-fi geekery fun. Check out these new Sci-Fi and fantasy books for your Summer Reading. 

Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto

If you are not fascinated by the art, design and technology going on in robotics, check this out. Wired's cover story of the month is also dedicated to the world of drones. We are not alone.  

Lastly Sports
X-Games - Need i say more...X-Games are form and function = controlled chaos. PS..they have a Hot Wheels ramp!

Olympic Trials--people that are machines--sadly not found a good place to see all of the olympic trial details in one place but ESPN should give you at least a spring board.