Big releases this week...Apple unveils their MacBook Pro with Retina Display...oooh the pretty pictures! Comparing the new Pro against the Air? This article may be a good read for you if you aren't quite certain. Microsoft also introduces the new Surface tablet this week to mixed reviews...another comparison read, the Surface versus the iPad.

BRAVE hits theaters today! Heading to the theater to catch this with my 7 year old as soon as I post! I was already anxious to see the film but even more so after reading how Pixar reinvented hair for Merida's red locks. Very Cool stuff!

OMG..Twitter Hacked or Not Hacked...According to Twitter's blog, they lay the controversy to was a “cascading bug”...hmmm.

The Heat Wins...So I know this isn't exactly tech news but there is a huge basketball fanbase here at the LB so I felt this should be included. If you didn't know, the Heat won and no surprise Lebron wins MVP. Was personally pulling for the Thunder but for all of you Heat fans out there, congratulations are due. 

Lastly, for all you space geeks...Including myself! Nasa is providing us live inside access to the happenings on the Space Shuttle via Web and Mobile technology...More details on how to get this behind the curtain access.