Apple is reportedly going to drop Google Maps in favor of launching their of 3D mapping service in iOS 6. Isn't that just so incredibly exciting? (Please do not sense any sarcasm in my tone) Apple 3-D Mapping System

Derek, our very own Codebase Wrangler, brings Trials Evolution for Xbox 360 into the office this week and starts a the newest Lifeblue video game REVolution (we'll see how long it lasts before we go back to Skate 3) Trials Evolutions

In a response to the "This Week in Interactive" blog post from April 4th, I am here to tell you that content is still king - not typography. Maybe typography is a member of the royal family…but without good content, your well-designed type is just a regular citizen who goes by the name of decoration.

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has renounced his U.S. citizenship. Huh, I wonder if it has anything to do the Facebook's upcoming IPO and an impending capital-gains tax? Nah, he probably is just unpatriotic or something. Maybe he's just really sick of cheeseburgers, hotdogs, baseball, Coca-Cola, capitalism, democracy, and Justin Bieber. In news completely unrelated, Saverin now lives in Singapore, an Asian city-state that has no capital-gains tax. Facebook C0-Founder Renounces Citizenship

Thanks to Shyam for helping me define my purpose as a designer - first by issuing the challenge to do so many months ago, and then by sending me this video from TED of Chris Bangle, chief of design for the BMW Group. Chris said some things in the video that I really related to, and it (along with some other things I have been thinking a lot about lately) really helped me to articulate a purpose that I think works perfectly for me. Here are some quotes from the video. "What we're interested in is finding form that's more than just a function. We're interested in finding beauty that's more than just an aesthetic, it's really a truth… The experience of love and the experience of design, to me, are interchangeable." So here it is, my newly articulated purpose: Let Love and Truth be the foundation and motivation for everything I do - this is the key. Now I must confess, this has become much more than just my purpose as a designer, but more of an all-encompassing mantra for every single aspect of my entire life. I would love to explain in depth the meaning(s) and it's applicable and lends balance to every role and calling I serve in…but I shall spare you for now. Maybe I will write more on this topic later. But think about that, won't you?Chris Bangle, chief of design for the BMW Group