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Lately it seems that all the buzz has been focused on Google, Facebook, and Apple. These companies have lots of new possibilities on the horizon. Whether the future looks promising or dubious, their recent efforts make them three of the most talked about companies today.

High Hopes for Apple

We are all anticipating Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2012, on June 11-15, where we will be enlightened about Apple’s new line of products.  “The juices are flowing, and we have some incredible things coming out.” Said Apple’s Tim Cook at the recent D10 Conference. Although we don’t know for sure what’s in store, there has been much speculation about the new MacBook. The addition of a Retina display has been rumored. The physical shape might be somewhere between a MacBook Air and the current model, and include no optical drive. Schasiepen has created a detailed rendering of what the new MacBook might look like. The new iPhone 5 is another topic of wonder, and several iPhone 5 photo “leaks” have appeared which claim to be the real deal. It’s rumored that the iOS6 will feature its own 3d mapping system in favor of Google’s maps. This could be great, but has the potential to be pretty annoying. Personally, I’m just going to wait it out and be surprised on the 11th! The one thing I’m hoping for from Apple is an improved App Store/iTunes experience: stop with the Syncing already!!!

IP Uh-Oh!

Facebook is getting tons of negative attention these days, after its botched IPO. The fate of Facebook is still uncertain, and the talk of late is focusing on its many mobile incompetencies. The dubious recent $1 Billion purchase of Instagram is adding fuel to the fire. It seems to bring light to the fact that Instagram is at home in the mobile world, whereas Facebook is still stumbling and failing when it comes to mobile. The Facebook mobile app is still full of bugs and even has a 2 star rating on the App Store.  This week, there have been several articles about a possible Facebook phone, which I believe is destined to fail. I mean, if they can’t get a mobile APP right, how can they possibly think they can get an entire PHONE right? However, let’s face reality: All those haters writing articles about how Facebook is doomed and Zuckerburg is an idiot still sit down after dinner and post silly status updates about how their cat pooped in their shoes. Facebook isn’t going away any time soon!

Google Spybook

Another topic of interest this week has been the Google Chromebook.  Google and Samsung just announced the next iteration of the Chromebook laptop.  This “laptop” is actually just a portal into that ever-present, nebulous “cloud,” where all your data is safely stored and everything is taken care of for you. It’s so easy! That’s right, take the “blue pill” and keep living in a dream, because this device could be Google’s key into your entire life. Big Brother is doing more than just watching you. With the Chromebook, he’s flipping through your family photos, studying your business presentations, constantly tracking everything you do on the “cloud” and then turning that valuable information into one of the most in-demand commodities today: consumer data. But, like me, if you’re using any other Google product, or Facebook, or various Mobile Apps, this is already happening to you. The  Chromebook just marks the next step in that process, and I don’t like it! Check out more about the Chromebook and decide for yourself.

This week has been all about the “buzz.” Lots of folks are chattering now, but in the weeks to come, I’m sure these topics will become more concrete, as we find out exactly what goodies Apple has in store for us, watch as Facebook shares plummet or rise, and witness the ways Google will try to integrate its new products into our lives.  No matter how it goes, the sheer pace of this ever-changing world of technology amazes me! It’s an exciting time to be alive and kickin’ in the tech industry!