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It’s an exciting week for NASA as the Mars Rover, Curiosity has begun snapping and sending full-color photos of rocky Martian landscape. An interesting fact, the rover was programmed solely for takeoff and landing, and once it landed, new firmware had to be transmitted from Earth to the rover to take over all of the data collection functions. This blogger explains and postulates: Could you Hack into Curiosity?

DoubleRobotics Robot

Back on Earth, DoubleRobotics has just released a telepresence "Robot" that looks like a cross between an iPad and a Segway! I can see some real use for this kind of thing in schools, museums, or tourist attractions. Think of students being able to "attend" classes in this way. Think of "going to visit" the Louvre or the Grand Canyon from your living room couch. I think the success of this concept will depend on widespread adoption. You can pre-order now for only $2,000, but I think you'd be stuck with a strange iPad robot roaming around your living room for no reason... until your friends get one. Then you can have a virtual party! Bring your own arms.

Watch the video and be inspired!

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By: Lauren Howell, GPS