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Phillips Creek Ranch is a new masterplanned community by Republic Property Group, located in Frisco, Texas. The community rests atop on what was formerly B.F. Phillips’ world famous Phillips Ranch. The website serves to build interest and excitement in the development. The Phillips Creek Ranch website presented a unique challenge in that at the time of launch, the community did not actually exist yet, as it was still in the initial planning phases. Naturally, there was very little imagery to work with. Despite the lack of visual assets available, the site still needed to reflect the visions for potential property , giving visitors a feel for the Phillips Creek Ranch lifestyle.

The Landscape:

Neighborhood Page

The client was very clear from the beginning that they did not want the new site for Phillips Creek Ranch to be like anything else they had seen in their market. Instead of looking inside the Real Estate arena, we took a look outside and drew most of the inspiration for the site from high-end fashion-oriented websites. Use of full-screen photos and video, large bold geometric shapes, and intense headlines are signature of fashion sites that are looking to make a bold lifestyle statement with their brand. This inspiration resulted in an attractive, bold and unexpected design for a masterplanned community development website.


The main function of the site at launch was to build excitement and anticipation for the new development, as well as communicate key dates to interested buyers. Lifeblue incorporated interactivity on the home page as well as on key inside pages in order to convey the excitement one feels when purchasing a new home. Key dates are displayed at the bottom of the home page. The site also features an e-mail update signup so that interested buyers can stay up-to-date on the development’s progress. The variety of historic property photos speak to the rich history of the land.

Phillips Ranch History

An Extensible Website:

Daily Dash Blog

The site is designed to be extensible and to grow as the property itself evolves. Although it is currently just a few pages, the site will expand to include detailed maps of the neighborhoods, photos, video, and an active community blog. Through Lifeblue’s enterprise-level CMS, we were able to lay the foundation for a future robust and content-filled site. As the community grows, the website can build upon itself and remain relevant to its audiences.


The new Phillips Creek Ranch website is an exciting point of communication for the property to give site visitors an idea of the Phillips Creek Ranch lifestyle as well as provide key information to interested parties. The site will expand along with the community to remain a powerful showcase tool as well as a social hub for current residents.