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For this week Apple held its illustrious conference on Monday, the WWDC 2012.   The new operating system "Mountain Lion" was unveiled as well as the ever popular Retina Display for the new MacBook.   Apparently gimmicky marketing tactics work as the LB has two of the new systems on the way.   5 days until delivery in fact, but who's counting.    The conference could be viewed via live blogging (with a soft b) as viewed by several LB members meanwhile someone at the conference was nice enough to tire out their arms and hold up an Ipad for a grainy video version.   Lucky for you you can watch the nice Apple version here.

An Australian company released an IE 7 tax this week, charging its online customers a 6.8% tax for all online shoppers using IE 7 claiming the high costs of maintaining an optimal experience for the archaic browser version users.   This charge did not sit well with one particular front end developer LB member and he was quoted as follows: 

"I know Kason is kinda joking (methinks), but people like this guy burn me up. For being such a supposed proponent of efficiency, this [name Jonny doesn't call people] has his company building sites quite *inefficiently*, if they indeed have to "redevelop" the front end of every page for IE7. He's a gimmicky [other name Jonny doesn't call people], charging customers because he "estimates" they've cost him money, but really just pulling a publicity stunt. Gimme a break.
We've seen fairly extreme examples of what people do to encourage users to get with the times and ditch their piece-of-junk browser, but *punishing* the user? Come on."
Jonny P, Sucka

Well put Mr. P, well put.   Graceful degradation anyone?  

An always popular debate when working with brands and how their offline branding guidelines transition to their online uplift.    The question is when does the time and effort of policing "the brand" identity when that time could be better spent just promoting it.   Either way this is funny.

Who learns from lectures anyway, its a one way non-learning conversation in my book.   Although there is a fine line using gamification as an excuse to just play games, there is no doubt that interactive learning brings more context to the overall learning experience.  

Last but certainly not least and of no relative importance to interactive, rather just a post from a site I rather enjoy.  View this letter from Gene Wilder in regards to just having accepted his role as Willy Wonka.   Sometimes we just never see the melding of the actor with the character as displayed in this letter.  

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day folks!