Lifeblue Launches - Company New

Lifeblue Media launches, providing web users with information that is easy to find and logical conversion points for plaintiffs and legal consultants. LifeBLUE’s mission with this project was to create a simple and accessible site for a highly complex topic. The website was designed and developed around the CMG business model. We addressed several key aspects of the business, from internet marketing to internal maintenance. LifeBLUE didn’t just rebuild all of the existing technology in order to develop a website that worked with the existing information architecture, but simply extended it through the use of advanced web technologies like web services. LifeBLUE has transformed a nice yet limited web presence into a powerful tool that organizes, simplifies and automates crucial areas of the business online. For example, the slimmed down management utility makes interaction with the applications easy for existing consultants and case analyzers. And the simple design gives CMG a clean and professional presence online.