Lifeblue Launches Adams Golf Contest - Lifeblue, Dallas, TX

Lifeblue just launched our latest project for Adams Golf, a leading golf supplier and manufacturer. We created a microsite to promote their latest line of Hybrid Irons, the Idea a7OS. Contestants’ sign up for the contest using their Facebook login and submit their name, a short essay as to why they want to win new golf clubs along with any photos and videos that support their love of the game. Running for five weeks, the top-10 vote-getters each week will win a set of Idea a7OS hybrid-irons. The next ten top vote-getters will win individual Idea a7OS hybrids. A total of 100 prizes will be awarded.

Here is an inside look at what went into this project.

First Draft Wireframes

Before beginning a project everyone involved meets to discuss the project goals and purpose. Often we complete a competitive analysis if applicable. In this meeting we also go over client needs, new technology or ideas we can utilize as well as possible difficulties. Below are notes and sketches from that meeting.

Second Draft and Final Wireframes

After completing the initial wireframes we put together the second draft or final wireframes. This helps uncover all pages within the site that need to be designed and developed.

Here is a closer look at the wireframes used for the project.

Design Phase

Based on the wireframes and previous meetings, our design team begins the design process. For this project we chose a web 2.0 feel, utilizing a clean background image, glossy buttons, large text and a simple layout.

After reviewing the completed design it was decided to change the background image. The photo did not enhance the brand and we wanted something that better showed Adams Golf as a major player in the golf industry and a premium brand. The new background photo shows Aaron Baddeley, a two-time PGA Tour winner, on every page of the site. He is wearing the Adams brand on his hat to help connect the brand and its products to one of the best golfers in the world.


Since all of our projects are custom built, the development process is never the same. For this particular project two unique applications were used, Facebook Connect and a slideshow scrambler done in Flash.

We chose to integrate the microsite with Facebook Connect to utilize social media. Facebook allows contestants to quickly alert their friends to vote for them and/or enter the contest. It also drives traffic to the company’s Facebook Page, letting them further grow a large and engaged fan base. To integrate the application, we modified Facebook’s API to work as a component within the lifeBLUE system. Below is shown from the mock up to the completed application.

To showcase the contestants we created a custom slideshow scrambler within Flash. It continues the web 2.0 theme as well as adds a quick way to view contestants. Click on “Scramble the Board” to shuffle the contestants.

The contest has been open to the public for five days and already it has over 220 entries and over 4,200 votes. Click here to vote for the winner.