lifeBLUE Media Makeover - Lifeblue, Dallas, TX

The new look of lifeBLUE Media has been unleashed. Everyone, including websites, need a makeover every now and then. Jewel, Garth Brooks, and Ashley Simpson have all done it, so we figured we needed to give ourselves a fresh look as well.

We receive a lot of feedback about our site and we took some of it to heart. The real problem is we are always so concerned with our client’s websites that poor ole’ lifeBLUE Media gets kicked under the rug. Well not this time, we gave our site a makeover it won’t soon forget. Who knows, we may end up in People magazine or even better yet, Oprah, for hottest website of the year. We will keep our fingers crossed on this one. So what will you find now that you couldn’t before?

More information about our company, our history, and what we do.

More detailed descriptions of our services and how we can help our clients.

More detailed analysis of our projects to include case studies and graphic examples.

An expanded, more graphically appealing portfolio so you can see our wide array of abilities.

Oh there is more, but I will let you see for yourself. It is really not as bad as transforming ourselves from nice and easy Rock and Roll to Pop/Hip-Hop, or even worse a world famous country singer to something that to this day I am still not quite sure about. Enough of this reading business! Take a look around our site and let us know what you think, maybe you could inspire the next generation of web transformation.