lifeBLUE Media Launches 2nd Annual Web Design Contest

Do you think your website needs a makeover? The 2nd Annual lifeBLUE Media web design contest will reveal all.

Leading web design and development firm lifeBLUE Media kicked off its inaugural "I Need a New Design" Contest today. The contest is set with contestants at the starting gate and will award a new, FREE web design makeover - courtesy of lifeBLUE's prestigious design group- to the website deemed the worst by visitor vote.

lifeBLUE has created a Web Design Contest page where hopefuls can submit their websites and cast votes for the worst. Company officials will log and tally votes through February 15th, 2009. Don't worry folks, you can register anytime because the winner will be the contestant with the highest number of average daily votes. You can check your progress daily with our real-time standings for all contestants.

The site that has the best chance is the one who "spreads the word" the most.

"Post on your blog, email friends and family, host our custom-made "Vote" button on your website- or you can conceive to bring in the most votes. The winner receives a custom design from one of our expert in-house graphic designers to give your "worst design" the self confidence it needs to succeed in the online marketplace.

Do you have what it takes to win?

With headquarters in the Dallas, TX, lifeBLUE is a full-service Internet consulting firm specializing in web design, application development, online marketing, web hosting and more. The company's experienced team has worked with 100s of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

With almost a decade of experience in providing online solutions for businesses, the leaders behind lifeBLUE Media continue to be an innovative force for companies big and small, creating a dynamic Web presence that sets them apart from competitors.