Lifeblue Media Makes Its Debut - Lifeblue, Dallas, TX

The age of BLUE has begun.

The much-anticipated launch of lifeBLUE Media is finally here. Formerly Teneo Design, lifeBLUE is a full-service Internet consulting firm, specializing in web design, application development, online marketing, web hosting and more. Our experienced team has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

After months of planning and working to secure a solid web presence, lifeBLUE is now providing new and existing clients with a broader and more effective array of Internet solutions.

"Our new brand encompasses all of our strengths, not just our design and development, which will only serve to enhance the experience for our clients," company director Phillip Blackmon said. "We have the experience and the expertise needed to help our clients craft custom-fit solutions that tap into the unlimited potential of the online marketplace."

With almost a decade of experience in providing online solutions for businesses, the leaders behind lifeBLUE Media will continue to be an innovative force for companies big and small, creating a dynamic Web presence that sets them apart from competitors.

"We have long understood that it takes more than a graphically appealing and dynamic website to jumpstart a business," director of operations Russel Dubree said. "We want to take our clients' Internet presence to the next level with our wide range of marketing and design opportunities, so businesses can retain a single point of contact for all of their web-based needs."

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