As we embark on 2012, we decided we wanted to provide a porthole into our lives here at Lifeblue and many of the ways we strive to deliver excellence, both internally as part of our culture, and externally with our clients. The Lifeblue Betterment Society is part of our agency DNA and one of the unique ways we engage our team. One element of this includes what we refer to as LB University: every Friday we spend an hour together and one of our team members presents for 5-10 minutes on a topic of their choice. It gives all of us an opportunity to brag about our craft, talk about hobbies, present on topics that get us excited, predict trends or practice public speaking. For each of us, it allows an opportunity for growth and continuous learning.

One of the unique attributes of Lifeblue is our emphasis on T-Shaped thinking and design. We believe this applies to each of us in the way we collaborate and think, but we also believe there is application in how we operationally deliver. LBU is just one piece of this puzzle in our effort to create a culture that fosters a sense of creativity and enrichment, and we also think it is an important cornerstone in how we live our brand and differentiate Lifeblue.

Jonathan Sy wrote in his Signals blog about T-shaped thinkers and he referred to IDEO CEO Tim Brown's definition: ''T-shaped" individuals are those possessing depth of skill (signified by the vertical stroke of the "T") as well as a collaborative personality (represented by the horizontal bar). Their in-depth knowledge allows them to participate effectively in the creative process. Their cooperativeness requires (a) empathy and (b) enthusiasm for other people's work.'

While most people may not start out as T-shaped, we try to foster a culture that encourages this philosophy. We strive to make our creative people more technical and our technical people more creative. This balance of mastering a craft coupled with understanding application through accumulation of horizontal knowledge has allowed us to deliver excellence in online experiences for our clients. We encourage one another to live this philosophy in our daily practice.

So, as we begin this new journey in 2012, we will be providing presentations and insights from our weekly LB University sessions. We hope to inspire and intrigue you and give you a looking glass into the insights of the team here at the LB. Just to give you some ideas on what is coming soon:

'� Where in the World is Derek? A Journey Through Geolocation'� The Auteur Theory: From our own LB Auteur, Jonathan Pacheco'� Does Color Affect Your Mood and Ability to be Creative?

We are excited about 2012 and look forward to sharing our thoughts, inspirations and theories over the next 12 months. If you have any suggestions on topics that you would like discussed as part of our ongoing presentations, please let us know.

We are always looking for inspiration!