Lifeblue | Garland Economic Development Partnership Website

The GEDP project was a unique challenge in that it did not have a web presence of its own. Information could be found about the GEDP on both the official city site and the chamber site, but the GEDP was seeking a unique web presence to attract businesses to Garland. The website project was blank slate.

The Landscape:

One of the first things we do at Lifeblue is take a look at other sites in the client’s arena and take note of what they are doing and how they are handling similar challenges. Several economic development sites were studied. The most important task for economic development sites is to provide valuable data to site selectors, or people responsible for deciding where a new business should be located. This data includes demographics and tax incentives information. It is this info that will ultimately be used to determine whether a business opens in Garland. Many EDP sites bury this information under unnecessary layers, making it hard to find. Quick access to data would be a key factor in the GEDP site’s success. Many other EDP websites took the opportunity to really give a great impression of the city through engaging photos and bold headlines. This inspired us to create a strong first impression of Garland as a savvy city with many advantages to business.


Garland Mood Board

An amazing website starts with a sound strategy. Classic Lifeblue techniques include block diagrams, moodboards, illustrations, and examples from other sites to illuminate the strategy for the site. An expansive header graphic combined with bold text communicates Garland’s value to site selectors. This header displays a different unique Garland image every time the page is loaded. Infographics display the valuable city data quickly and easily. The photos create a savvy impression, the GEDP is approachable through easy to access contact information and an initiate a project button on every page. There is also a section dedicated to interesting Garland history and heritage.

Art Direction

The city logo was used as inspiration for both the vibrant color pallet and uniquely shaped icons used throughout the site. The color story speaks of a rich Texas heritage. The infographics took on a fun, easy to scan style. The site features a lot of table-based content, so the tables were styled clearly for readability.


We summed up Garland in an attractive nutshell which provided audiences key city information while at the same time creating a great impression of Garland as a savvy city full of growth and opportunity.