Lifeblue - A Story for the Storytellers - Digital Agency and Interactive Firm, Dallas, TX

Lifeblue was recently contacted by the Dallas Business Journal to do a featured story about us in one of their upcoming issues.   We said thank you for the offer but we respectfully decline.   Ok, so we didn't say that.  We were very excited and honored at the opportunity and graciously accepted.   All in all the interview was short and sweet but we got a chance to tell our story and we must say that the journalist did an excellent job when it was all said and done.   The photoshoot, however,  was a little further outside our comfort zone.   I personally haven't been a model, well since...ever.    So that was certainly a unique experience, but I think our best sides showed through.   In the end we are proud to be able to work within the Dallas community and to be in the company of such great destinations as the Perot Museum of Natural Science and Klyde Warren Park.   They are without a doubt going to become one of the top 5 must dos for visitors coming to the city and while we might be biased, they have a good website to help them navigate.  

Its no doubt we tell a lot of people about Lifeblue on a daily basis.  From potential team members, vendors, and future clients, we get asked a lot of questions.   Typically they are an audience of a few, rather than the opposite.   This was one of the first opportunities in a while where we got to see how what we said translated to someone else.  And in turn shared that translation with A LOT of other people.   One of the small, but powerful realizations for us that came from the article was the label of "Storytellers."   We often speak to clients in the idea of telling a story.  We don't start with the end, we build engagement leading up to the end by providing the right opportunities of information at the right time.   Storytelling as a communication tool has been around far longer than we have and to this day, a good story is ten times more likely to resonate with someone than direct statements.   A great story teller takes simple messages and makes them seem bigger than life, an aspiration for all.   At Lifeblue, we simply aspire to be great storytellers and we always think there might be a better way to say it.   I guess the nutshell is we probably always thought of ourselves as the guys who "turn your brand, information, and your product into a story online." When, all in all, we could have just said "We are Storytellers."    I suppose the best descriptions of yourself are bestowed upon you by others for better or worse.   I think its safe to say we like this particular one, and we will continue to do our best to live up to it.  

Thanks again Dallas Business Journal for thinking of us for your story and another special thank you to Director of Marketing for the Perot, Beth Hook and the President of Klyde Warren Park, Mark Banta for their kind statements given for the article.   

Finally this post wasn't just to hear me ramble, rather to share the outstanding journalism of the Dallas Business Journal.   Read the article here, if you are not a DBJ subscriber, you  have to wait a few weeks until it becomes pubicly available.