Are your users engaged in your site? Does it deliver an experience that leaves them 'wowed'? At lifeBLUE, we apply design thinking to everything we do. We take a holistic approach to design and believe it encompasses all elements of form and function and enablesusers to feel embraced and engaged while delivering on an excellent usability experience. At LB, design is more than gaphics and layout, it is the fundamental basis for everything we do and how we approach web development and design for our clients.

Our client's user is at the heart of our effort and we involve our customers in the design process for several reasons;

· Most of our clients have established businesses and know their customer base better than we ever could; we are here to help deepen their engagement with them.

· Our client is our customer and (say it with me)…'the customer is always right.' Well, some of the time but that is the purpose of this post.

· Our clients come to us with a need and our goal is to exceed their expectation and give their users an experience. It's not just about building pretty websites.

I am certain you have been to the site that screams fun beautiful graphic on the home page and then the experience leaves you feeling disconnected. Maybe navigation is wrong, buttons are misplaced, or forms are cumbersome and hard to use. Seem like minor details in a website experience, but nothing to sneeze at. The details are critical in delivering an experience for your users that feels amazing and leaves them engaged and satisfied. You may love your website and how it looks, but user experience tells the real story. Remember, your customer is always right.

Users are at the heart of all that we do. Sometime when you are involved with creating a website, you can become lost in the fun of going through the process and creating something 'glitzy'. You may think a flashy graphic or wild background is appealing, your customers might not. What most users want is to easily navigate your website quickly and painlessly; all packaged in a design that makes them feel embraced and engaged. Not to mention, you also want them to come back. The trick is to get them to love your website as much as you do.

We balance creative and technology to bring the user experience to life. We want both you and your users to love your website. We believe in designing and creating amazing online experiences and we create custom designs uniquely for each client.