Books have existed for ages with the ability to teach trades, stimulate thought, influence behavior and provide an escape from our reality. This week, we asked everyone here at Lifeblue about the books that have stuck with them most and have helped to perfect their practice by changing perspective and thought.

book-1.jpg Phillip and Savannah recommend The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Phillip claims that this book 'is one of the single reasons I entered the agency world and eventually started this company. It intrigued me in the understanding of how people and things influence change in the world. It made me want to see how I could help influence or change consumers' behavior.'

Savannah likes this book because 'it takes the phenomenon of the epidemic and analyzes the key components that facilitate in the spread of thought and behavior in a way I had never before considered. Gladwell's conversational writing style and gripping content make for a quick read, and Gladwell is one of those authors who succeeds in altering the perspective of any reader.'

book-2.jpg Russel recommends Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.

'It's probably more because I just read it, but it is a light-hearted, easy read. Its practical application of focusing on building and providing for everyone around you from your customers, vendors, and team members that you can create an amazing culture. In a nutshell, everyone wants to be a good person and provide for others, so facilitate that in every way possible.'

book-3.jpg Shyam recommends Getting Real by 37Signals.

'Seth Godin said it best:'Every once in a while, a book comes out of left field that changes just about everything. This is one of those books. Ignore it at your peril.''

book-4.jpg Cindy recommends The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

'I haven't read the entire book recently, but I refer to it frequently and it has stayed as a foundation in my mind for many years. I remember taking a leadership class while at SBC in the early nineties based on this philosophy and book. I got my golden egg and it was a pivotal moment in my career and has stayed with me as fundamentals for the past 20 years.While the book is now 20 years old, the paradigms and principals are extremely relevant. I often have to remind myself of the habits and revive the lessons it teaches in balancing personal, professional and the best ways to navigate your life. The foundation is an important lesson in paradigms and how we can choose to view our world.'

book-5.jpg Cristal recommends Visual Meetings: How Graphics, Sticky Notes & Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity by David Sibbet.

'I was attracted to this book for its many illustrations of flow charts, mind maps and thought sketching. This is not a book I chose to read cover-to-cover, but rather I keep it handy for quick reference when in need of quick inspiration when preparing a presentation, collaborating a meeting or mapping ideas for a project.'

book-6.jpg Justin recommends Designing with Type, 5th Edition: The Essential Guide to Typography by James Craig.

'This book really changed my perspective on typography. It's a great book for any designer, whether they are a beginner looking to understand typography or a pro seeking self-improvement.'

book-7.jpg Jonathan recommends Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke.

'Andy Clarke's book doesn't go over a terrible amount of HTML5 and CSS3 material that you can't find elsewhere, but that's not the point. He seeks to empower developers and designers, encouraging them to ditch the old, passive way of approaching web design in favor of a bold and uncompromising style of thinking. We have some wonderful tools now at our disposal, so let's allow ourselves to use them.'

book-8.jpg Chad recommends Pro PHP: Patterns, Frameworks, Testing and More by Kevin McArthur.

'A well-written book on (mostly) advanced PHP concepts that doesn't waste much time on the basics. For me it was a nice overview for things like the Zend Framework, PHPUnit and Phing that I hadn't really dug into yet. The author Kevin McArthur presents the subject matter very clearly and the 'just the facts' section at the end of every chapter is great.'

Have any books you recommend for us? Let us know!