A lot of web designers today look at text as a secondary element of a design, when in fact type is one of the most highly used elements of design on the web. When we think of visual text we think of typography, and typography is a critical component of the appeal on a page.

Many people look at type as just being text on a page and not as an actual form of art. Clearly I don't agree, so let me explain why. Type can be used in many different forms. It creates an artistic flow within the rest of the design, type has to be arranged in a way that doesn't break up the design, and it keeps viewers naturally interested in a design. It's used to show emotion, atmosphere, design, direction, flow, space and so on.

Typography also provides a form of visual communication in understanding what the designer is trying to express. And on a side note, good typography is easier to read. That's good for your viewers. Stephen Coles, editor of Fonts in Use, explains that the better the typography, the happier your readers will be. "We need to teach designers to be better readers. Once they respect the text, they'll want to set it well," he says.

For all the web designers trying to sell products online, typography could be a big factor in keeping your viewers happy and buying your product.

Below are great examples of typography in print and web.

Web typography listed below: