Recentlywe came across a documentary being developed and showcased on called 'Design & Thinking' and it poses several questions to the Design Thinking approach and the incredible value that design plays in everything we do.

Shyam Patel, our LB Creatologist spoke last week at Ignite Dallas during the Big Design Conference on his approach to Saving the World from Bad Design and the value of design thinking and our current complacency with status quo.

'Design is not about just making things look better, it's about making people's lives better.'

We need to be conscience that every decision we make impacts the design of our own lives and the world around us.

In the movie trailer it spoke about the idea that'design is not a luxury, it's a discipline'. We believe that to be true in all that we deliver. Maybe we could even elevate it to Design 'doing' because we believe it is an absolute necessity in all our efforts at LB.

If we view the challenges of our society through the lenses of a design problem, the problems become infinitely more approachable and solvable. The industrial age taught us to be system thinkers, but the information age requires us to become design thinkers. We must stop being passive consumers and creators. We are not passive witnesses to these problems, we participate in them by the way we choose to design our lives and the work we do.

The industrial age encouraged us to gain a depth of knowledge in one area of expertise; the digital age requires that we supplement that depth of knowledge with a breadth of knowledge. Understanding all dimensions is critical and requires that we think through usability and aesthetics, form and function.

So what is design thinking? Well as I mentioned, design is about making people's lives better – thinking and doing are about the process we use to ensure that we achieve that goal in whatever we are trying to create.

Let's use form design as a great example. It's amazing how applying design thinking to a form can change the world. Think about default options of a form. This country suffers from an abysmal savings rate due to over consumption. By changing the default option on 401(k) plans to be opt out saving rates have been shown to increase to 11% compared to negative savings rates nationally.

That's design thinking and design doing at its best. We must pledge to be design doers. Saving the World from Bad Design means no more status quo, it means challenging ourselves to ask questions, absorb information and ultimately deliver better end results.

Our LB mantra…

We believe that design is a craft at the intersection of art and science, form and function. It is about more than being creative; inspiration and innovation are its fundamental principles. Design is about having the courage and the audacity to pursue our vision through our work to make the world what it can and should be and not settle for what it is now.

To see Shyam's presentation for Ignite Dallas, check it out here:

Photo/illustration courtesy of: Emerson College blog post by Nitjyot Saroan