We are looking for good people to join our team. We are building a talented and creative team here at LifeBlue and we are looking for amazing people to work with us. We recently brainstormed why we like to work at the LB. We decided to have some fun with it and held a Campfire chat (even though we were within 10 ft of each other, we just wanted to play with our new toy)…here is what we came up with – director's cut, extended version, no edits:

Welcome friends - greetings! - are we supposed to start listing our reasons? - Not yet, minor technical difficulties waiting for everyone to login - i'm here. - Welcome Ben. - Is anyone else joining out there? - this makes me laugh - I'm not out there. - This is good because we will have instant transcription – cool - i think we are all here now. - Alright, I think that is everyone - before we start I will lay some ground rules- This is intended to be sort of a mind map format where we can branch off great ideas with the ultimate goal to create a plethora of content that we can then determine what sticks the most. - what is...interactive?- Keep in mind this content is primarily geared towards a recruiting perspective. - I am not looking for fluff or BS, simply truthful, concise reasons why working at the # is the bomb.com. - Once the conversation starts, let's limit the jokes and focus on the task at hand. The idea is to just write and we can tweak it later. - Any questions? - Nope – nope - nope - quad nope - Let the fruits of your mind, unwind...Commence! - so, this may sound cheesy, but i think one thing that makes working at Lb great is that we all aspire to greatness. - we have an opportunity here to build our dream company to work for. - We are game changers for our client's businesses. - Ok for me it is the atmosphere and how we all seem to be very forward thinking and not thinking of the past or present but of the FUTURE - i like the passion/purpose mentality - We are all grown-ups which translates into limited micro-managing and reflects the ability to have a results oriented work environment. - Flexibility, agility, willing to experiment (things like that) - Everyone has a desire to contribute to the goal(s) at hand - We are experimental - i think there is a hunger here that is nice to be a part of. we know what we are capable of basically, it boils down to a couple of things - love, passion, and integrity. - We all have a voice. - quality over quantity - We have the ability to communicate opinions in a highly productive manner - Adventurous thinking..how can we do things better by thinking outside or the norm. - results driven - trust in each other to be accountable, professional, and that we will always give our best effort. - We have become more and more organized with clients and has shown in the end result - We have people from all different types of backgrounds. - This all wraps around the results only mentality. We reward intensity, excellence and passion rather than basing our work on meeting arbitrary HR guidelines. - An environment that nourishes knowledge and personal growth. - We don't suck. - We all become better each and every day. - we are cool. - Lifeblue Employee != Robot - honesty - hopefully we all can be honest with each other, with our clients, and with where we are as a company. - FYI we can have some light hearted ones similar to " We don't Suck" - PANDORA - We smell good - I also like the diversity of interests/experience within our team, I think it adds to our creativity - lol - For instance my ping pong skills have increased 10 fold - I feel awkward. - you're welcome russel - geek is a term of endearment here - Free use of dry erase markers during meetings. - feeling awkward - that's a good one. "come to work at LB - you'll feel awkward." - loverboy is respected – amen. - and journey - especially journey. - this is going a bit off topic? - and phil collins - hey, russel asked for it. - i don't think so...these are VERY important to me :) - Our music compilations are insights into a world of schizophrenic madness - tarot reader in-house - nice - super cool - We have more collective tattoos than a Sturgis bike rally - wow - chili cook-off - not bad. - have you been to a sturgis bike rally? lol - Cinco de Mayo - LUNCHTIME - we have a cool office, and we all have input into how it looks and feels. oh and btw, our walls right now are pretty much a blank canvas. - No, but I can only imagine. - That's killing you isn't it ben - Where else can you get company branded shoes? - Apple versus PC - the desks are tall...- Book club isn't just for dorks;) - be careful with the pc thing, we don't want to scare off too many talented professionals ;) - CUSTOM desks HHHAAA - No, we can advertise that we have frequent Mac vs PC cage matches. - UFC Style - We're freaking friendly - We have enough caffeine reserves to kill a small animal - We are freaky - btw, if we're going to have more tattoos than a stergis bike rally, you guys need to step up to the needle. i've done my part. - Endless supply of Dubble Bubble - And it's free. - actually, double bubble almost gone. - crap. - thank goooooodnesss - we have sodie pop in the fridge and free water - We have fresh water - Design Thinking driving our business model (iterative, experimental) - our office is above victoria's secret....that just sounds cool - working here will up you game, make you better at what you do/challenge you. - I'm glad one of the girls said that. - There is no trivial position in our organization - There are no cubes - just pinwheels - no trivial position...but we do have trivial pursuit in the fun room. - there is a toaster oven - and wits and wagers in P! office - You can do your Christmas shopping on your lunch break 2 days before Christmas - you are free to belch out loud. - really? - you mean you havent heard? it's all justin. he's rude. - missed it i think - We might be the funniest people in existence - true. - we share lots of odd food stories... - Food is a common topic - we are all married...which is a little unique - Potential is rewarded with opportunity. - whoa whoa - not to each other of course - ha! - 99% of the people here walk around with no shoes on. oh wait, that might actually be a deterrent to recruitment. – hilarious! - I'm only 1%? - /CRY - sorry justin...your close enough to being married - no, you are .5%. i'm the other .5% - amen - almost...almost - i'm not wearing shoes now - trust me, i am aware. - neither am i - again - aware. - nix what i said about us smelling good - Some of us wear paper bags on our head - for long periods of time - Creepy paper masks are optional - LB gave me a sketch book - hopefully this forum can replace actual verbal communication. - we have fake grass on our walls - We have had neighbors check in on us because we were having too much fun - hmmm - We embrace change and thrive on new tech. - LB Blocks let us work on rocking internal projects (a little bit like Google's 20% Time). - that's a good one! - I like LB University - "Blocks" in general offer a nice change of pace (and we make videos) - We are very picky with whom we work with - We strive to walk the talk for ourselves and our clients - we are encouraged to learn - we are forced to smell the glove. - and bring new ideas, thoughts and opinions to the table - ...and smell the glove. - Pearl - oh yes...Pearl... - Nuf said, that's the do all end all - We have a mascot - a beautiful mascot - well educated mascot - a matriarch - Just post Pearl on the recruiting page, that'll be all you need. - is planking on the list anywhere? - a picture won't hurt - it is now! - We have a fold out couch - we do? - wait that folds out!? - So how about collaboration? - I think so, at least the back is supposed to lay all the way down - Collaboration is more than a buzzword - We play nice with each other. - maybe this has been said already, but we all have a say in who we are. being with a small agency like this means you have a chance to make a real impact and get unique experience. - Alright folks...that ends our session, like the room description suggests feel free to come back and add anytime you feel like it. Thank you for all the comments, I think there is a lot to work with? Lunch anyone? - i like lunch. - go big or go home! - more lunch

As you can see we came up with a long list. But we think it all can be summarized in a few words. At the LB you have the opportunity to be intentional and passionate about your role. The details matter and your voice matters. Whether that means choosing the exact typeface in a design or using PHP to build sites that are super dynamic or using CSS3 to animate a logo. We talk about things like progressive enhancement and graceful degradation and everything in between. Details matter. Our clients matter. You will matter. We work hard and we play hard.

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