Do you know what phrases or keywords people are using to find you in the search engines? It is a core component of a successful keyword list and a simple thing but few people are doing it these days. Adwords allows you to set a negative keyword list for campaigns and ad groups making sure your ads won't show for search queries containing that term. By filtering out unwanted impressions, negative keywords can help you reach the most appropriate prospects, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.

Why is it important you might ask? Let's walk though an example using lifeBLUE Media. The negative keyword -free template would prevent our ads from showing up on any search queries containing the terms free and template. It would not prevent our ads from showing variations of these terms though. That is where different match types come in to play. Obviously we do not offer free website templates and adding the negative keyword saved a visitor some frustration as well as money we would have paid for their click, it reduced our CPC and increased our ROI. Now everyone is happy!

So now you ask how to add a negative keyword? Simply add a "-" sign before any keyword and it is inserted as a negative keyword.

I would suggest doing a quick negative keyword research every week. In the past I have let it go a month or so before remembering to check on our keyword list and I find we have gotten fifteen clicks from something our business has nothing to do with. What wasted money! Save money and frustration and make a negative keyword list immediently.