Our marketing department is constantly putting ourselves in the mind of others. We spend endless hours thinking about what people want and what they are thinking. By trying to anticipate human behavior we can better understand the next "big thing" or what is the best move for a client. So I ask myself, "What are people thinking?" "What do people search for?" "What does Google know?" In an effort to uncover the dirty truth I turned to Google suggested search.

Disclaimer: some of these are funny and some of it is offensive. However, it all says something about what people think and what they search for.

First I started out asking basic questions...

Who?google search: WhoWhat?google search: whatWhen?google search: whenWhere?google search: whereWhy?google search: whyMost of these seem pretty normal and expected. I definitely laughed at "why" but I guess people are curious by nature.

Let's take this a step further...

google search: who isgoogle search: who should
A major question here is who are Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Regina King dating as well as concerns about H1N1.
google search: who isgoogle search: when
There are quite a few people wondering what they should do with their life.
google search: when shouldgoogle search: when will
"When will I die?" People really expect to find that on Google? Come to find out there are hundreds of quizzes ready to tell you when you will die.
google search: where willgoogle search: where is
"Where" seems to reflect what is happening in society now. Searches include Conan, 2010 Superbowl, the Olympics, Hati and Tiger Woods. My favorite is "where is Chuck Norris."
google search: why aregoogle search: why is
"Why" is my favorite! These are such random questions. Everything from "why is my computer slow" to "why is yawning contagious" and "why are the kardashians famous"
google search: why dogoogle search: why do people
I love these questions... Why do men have nipples? Why do people dream? Why do cats purr?

Then I thought I would see what people searched for about men...

google search: men alwaysgoogle search: why are men
How can you look at this and not at least smile? I am thinking this is mostly searched for by women, what do you think?

And now the women...

google search: women alwaysgoogle search: why are women
It seems people are just as negative about women as they are about men. Yikes.

There you have it, a look in to human behavior and what we ask when people are not around. This certainly says something about what is going on in the world, with quite a few searches in including Tiger Woods and the Olympics. It also gives an insight in to what people think about and what they take the time to research.

What do you think? Do you find this normal? Shocking? Humorous? Entertaining? Disappointing?