A few bold and daring members of the lifeBLUE team have decided to embark upon a great adventure...cleansing their bodies! Everyone knows that we, as a nation, are in the middle of a Food Revolution with recent thought provoking movie/books such as Food Inc and Fast Food Nation, and the LB is no different. Five noble team members have embarked upon this valiant quest filled with yummy shakes, delicious fruits and vegetables, and enough pills to choke a majority of small animals. On the first day of the cleanse we have suffered our first casualty (Note to Self: If you refuse to eat vegetables, fruits, brown rice, or drink protein shakes, this might not be a good diet for you). With that being said, the other four are still going strong with the exception that one person hasn't started yet because they somehow don't think they will be able to control themselves on an upcoming visit to New Orleans...good call.

How did the LB get started on the cleanse? Well truth be told one of our clients, Watters Creek Chiropractic, located not 500 yards down the road from our office has included overall health and wellness in their list of services as part of their effort to promote a healthy America. They are helping the LB along on their mission providing their expertise making the shakes tasty and likewise coming in to make a few shakes for the team. Thanks WCC!

All in all the 21 Day Cleanse is a good way to promote a different way of eating and likewise force us to commit to a system that doesn't allow the bad food choices we are faced with each and every day. Hopefully we will be better citizens and web designer/developers when it is all said and done. If we're not then we will at least decrease the gravitational pull on the earth by being 10% lighter. For more information on the 21 Day Cleanse and Watters Creek Chiropractic, visit their blog.