We live in an age of intellectual capitalism where thought leadership, total team engagement and a vested interest by all are the ingredients to success. In other words, attitude is everything.

Most businesses cannot propel themselves to new heights with the outdated practices stemming from the manufacturing age of the early 20th century. Business in the interactive world faces the same dilemma. Our ability to produce outstanding results, while differentiating ourselves from the competition, is a direct correlation to the attitude and effort of every team member involved.

Now, why is attitude so pivotal to an interactive agency? I was hoping you would tell me! But it doesn't look like that can happen, so let me provide a few of my own insights into why attitude is so important.

First of all, the breadth of technical capabilities in our industry is endless. Overwhelming, actually. The world of Internet-based languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash combined with the application languages of Java, .NET, Actionscript and PHP, create ample opportunity develop something compelling and interactive online. Having a can-do attitude to first try and understand these elements as well as implementing wherever possible is key.

Don't limit yourself and/or the ideas you bring to the table. Shoot high and create awesome design and interactive concepts. Remember that outstanding results come from infinite possibilities in the world of web.

Another point to consider is that the market is simply undereducated. While many clients think they are experts just because their office suite provided Photoshop, unfortunately you have to 'nicely' convey to them that, in deed, they are not. Though you appreciate their opinion, even if it irritates you, you can't let the fact that they want to also look like experts undermine the quality of your work.

It's comparable to the fact that because we own a car, we should all be NASCAR drivers...no thanks. The work, knowledge, and expertise that goes into great interactive design and development is just as complicated as building an F-16 or even the Golden Gate Bridge. Not everyone has the skills to do this.

Yesterday's mechanical and electrical engineers, scientists, and architects are today's online programmers, designers and information architects. We have an opportunity to connect, understand, and educate clients to ultimately establish a long term relationship. We must be empathetic to the market and likewise seek to evolve cost effective means of education and ways to engage customers in our process.

Finally, the industry is young. At the age of 29 I feel like a senior citizen. Yet compared to the traditional advertising and marketing agencies who have years of experience, our learning curve is much different. The industry is young and those that service it are even younger. The industry expects you to really jump in and teach yourself what you don't know. Overcome the obstacles of business as if you've been in the field for 25 years. Be ready to do what it takes to survive. That tenacity only strengthens your team.

Ultimately, attitude is the difference maker with an interactive agency that claims to be cutting edge. Constantly seeking ways to improve the quality, delivery, and effectiveness of your product helps offer results that are completely unique in every instance.

An attitude reflective of engagement, innovation, and "can do" combined with a desire to constantly learn and expand your skill set, sets the bar high. This approach creates a successful business model. Open new doors for yourself and your business.