Web design has transformed a lot over the last decade, and really has progressed allowing designers to express themselves. As a web designer I am constantly looking at examples of great web design and trying to keep us ahead of the curve with our design concepts.

One important aspect I learned in my research is the significance of photography in web design. Websites that jumped off the screen to me were simplistic and contained spectacular photography. Photography is a great way to grab the viewer's eye and keep them fixated on the site. The first thing viewers notice when they visit a website is the photograph. Text is secondary if it is of interest. Our attention span is so short that we predominately look at the photographs and look further if needed.

We recently designed a website for Watters Creek located in Allen, Texas. Below I have the before and after photographs on the site and you can see for yourself the vast difference in the way the photography is used. The revamped version uses photographs that take up a majority of the screen and the rest of the design has a simplistic and inviting look. While the previous version of the site uses a smaller photograph, and the rest of the design is not as clean and takes away from the photography.

Here are some great examples of websites using impressive photography…

Duchy Origionals

Cathedral Mountain Lodge

The Touch Agency

Rebecca Ruth Photography

Rebecca Ruth Photography