Not to long from now 4G wireless coverage is going to change how the mobile device world works.No longer will high speed internet be relegated to a 100 yard radius around your home.It will extend out beyond your home, office, and internet cafe into every corner of whatever major city you live in.

Things are going to change.

Things are going to change a lot.

As the internet world truly integrates with the mobile world, internet marketing will change drastically.Gone are the days where gaudy banner ads are the way to go.Those lovely little text ads will change forever. Our social media outlets will no longer be tied to a desk.To reach the masses, creativity will be required.

Typically, the strongest part of any marketing campaign has been the "art" side of creative marketing. That is also changing. While graphic art is and always will be just as important to any marketing endeavor, the user interface has now risen to meet it in importance. Here are a few reasons why.

Technology is no longer a spectator sport.

People want to interact with things on a tactile level. Even with television, which is largely a spectator oriented technology, people gravitate to the content they can interact with. Shows such as "Dancing With The Stars", "American Idol", and others have proven this for years now. People like to contribute to their entertainment.

In the web world the sites that are used the most are sites that involve two things. First a simple, usable interface that lets users do what they want without reading a manual. Second, visitors can put their two cents in. This is why Facebook has taken the world by storm. People can use it without a Masters degree in computer science and it's all about them.

People want to know and they want to know now.

People know that information is out there and they want it quickly and in a simple way. If you don't provide that they will find it elsewhere. There are so many sites out there that do the same thing and 90% of the time the most successful site has three basic elements: clean design, relevant information, and most importantly it's fun to use. The site that does these three things (plus some good marketing) has the best chance to be a success.

Brand is no longer just about a logo.

Brand loyalty is now built by usability as well as visual appeal. Take Google, they don't have the greatest logo, a stunning visual design, or little pretties everywhere. In fact, they do quite the opposite. There is one woman who has been there since nearly the beginning who's job it is to ensure that the user interface remains clean. She is paid huge sums of cash to tell the designers to keep it simple. People love Google not because it has a "WOW Wee" design, but because it is easy to use.

None of this negates good design. In fact, it helps define it. Good web design is defined by how the user will react AND interact with it. If a design is good looking and hard to use, it is still bad design. If a design is both then magic happens.

Now that the web is everywhere, user interface is everything. Design, development, and implementation of a marketing campaign deeply depends on how a user feels about using that marketing. It's a good day for the internet because the user is finally the primary consideration.

Power to the users!